Bright Sky Home System

Whole House distributed Music
Your favorite music can lift your spirits and change your mood in positive ways. Imagine easy control of your favorite music from any room in your home, controlled from your tablet or smartphone. Imagine accessing tunes from all of the music you grew up with to today’s latest hits, streaming around your home. Gone are the days when your only music control was a volume knob on a wall, controlling music on your CD’s; now you can navigate your music with intuitive two-way control to easily choose your favorite station, artist, song, or playlist. Easy access to your favorite music has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Whole House distributed Audio/Video
Let’s face it…the only audio/video component you really want to see is your TV or projection screen. Many of today’s TV’s are mounted on a wall. Components like a Blu-Ray DVD player, cable or satellite box, Apple TV, or stack of other supporting components really has no place. Placing these components in each room is not only unsightly, it results in redundant components, extra energy usage, additional furniture and poses the challenge of where to hide all of the components.

BrightSky can design your home Audio/Video system to hide these components in a closet space and are able to centrally distribute the audio and video to the various rooms in your home. Your architect and interior designer love this flexibility, as now they don’t have to find niches or build cabinets to hide the electronics. And with our one touch Control4 System, you can have full access to all of your components from any room in the home.

Security and Monitoring
We are able to protect your most valuable assets, at home and at work, by equipping your home or office with a state-of-the-art security system. Our security systems are designed to provide enhanced comfort, safety and convenience. All installations are performed by qualified personnel who are fully trained in security.

There is no need to juggle multiple contractors during the design and building phase. Security is just another area we specialize in, allowing you to rest easily knowing your family and possessions are safe and secure.

Camera Systems
Your most valuable possession is your family. Add peace of mind with a surveillance camera system that can record days of activity. Modern CCTV camera technology even allows viewing and recording in extremely low light level conditions. Covert cameras allow you to keep an eye on house staff or the nanny. Camera video can be routed through your televisions, the Internet, your smartphone or tablet, and over your Control4 Home Control System. Peace of mind and security are priceless in modern society.

Structured Wiring
As your new home plans evolve, the planning for your home’s TV, Phone, and Data wiring is crucial. BrightSky’s professional designers will complete your system design to accommodate all of today’s technology, and preparing your home for the advancements of tomorrow. It’s important to make sure your structured wiring is designed by a professional low voltage integrator.

Home Theater
Experience total escape in your new Home Theater system with picture and sound quality exceeding a commercial cinema. Escape the cares of the day with a BrightSky designed screening room, custom designed for your performance and aesthetic goals. Just one touch on your remote control, tablet, or smartphone and the action starts…lights fade slowly, the curtains open, the movie cues, it is time for an amazing experience! Extensive Home Theater design and installation experience ensures that your private home theater will be one of your favorite destinations. After installation, your home theater components will be professionally calibrated to ensure the best picture and sound quality.

Media Rooms
Have your Family Room, Great Room, or Den convert into a virtual movie theater at the touch of a single button. BrightSky’s design team has years of experience designing custom Media Rooms so the entertainment components do not dominate the room’s décor or use. You may elect to have a motorized projection screen descend from cabinetry or a hidden trap-door in the ceiling to reveal cinema-sized Home Theater. Modern speaker technology and BrightSky’s know-how can recreate life-like surround sound from discreet speaker locations. Your furniture can convert from sofas to discreet Home Theater seating. Talk to BrightSky about a custom designed media room

Lighting Control
No doubt you have experienced how a good lighting design effects a room’s ambiance and mood. Trying to obtain this look with multiple light switches “ganged” together is not only difficult to achieve, it is an eyesore. Eliminate “wall acne” with the simple elegance of a lighting control keypad that is able to control either a circuit of lights, an entire room, the entire house, or any combination thereof. For example, one four-button lighting keypad in your Master Bedroom can have a button dedicated to turning on/off all of your room’s lighting, another button can dim the lighting to a preset scene for a romantic mood, a third button can light a pathway to your Kitchen, and the fourth button can turn off all of the lights in your house!

Experience lower energy costs as lights can be easily dimmed or automatically turned off if natural lighting reaches a predefined threshold. Your lighting fixtures will last longer, too, lessening the load of dangerous chemicals in our landfills. Lighting systems seamlessly integrate with BrightSky’s Control4 Home Control System. This further increases convenience and eliminates wall clutter. Once you experience the power and convenience of a lighting control system, you will wonder how you lived without it.

Home Control Systems
Imagine easy control of your home theater / media room, music, lighting, security system, climate, motorized shades & draperies, surveillance cameras, and your pool/spa with your new home automation system. This “smart home” technology is also referred to as systems integration. It allows access and control of all your home’s subsystems with simplicity that can be compared to using a bank’s ATM, it is so easy anyone can use it. Intuitive touchscreen icons and apps allow total control of your home with no instruction manual needed. BrightSky is proud to maintain a Premier Platinum status each year with Control4.

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